Spring Green Dress

Happy day Lovely People,
Since 1st May, we have ended isolation in Austria and it feels totally strange. We have been at home from 16th March and now we are come back step by step into normality. All shops are opened now and I started to work last Monday, 27th April, but it feels different to me to go out just for a walk or shoppìng without be able to take a coffee with a friend or a beer or even dinner. We have to wait till 15th May to meet again on a terrace and enjoy as always but with caution and keeping safe at the same time.  How is the situation in your country?
As I told you in my last post when I showed you my new Shein bag, I also ordered some dresses in Shein website that I was waiting for and here you have one of them, a Spring Green Dress. This green color is perfect for Spring time and I always love its shape with a square neckline and voluminous sleeves. 
Its price is 14€!! Can you believe it? You can find in this direct link or with Search ID: 946196 and using the code “19q3withc15”, you can get a 15% off.
Lots and lots of kisses,
E. 💕

Feliz día Lovely People,
Desde el 1 de Mayo ha acabado la cuarentena en Austria y la verdad es que es algo extraño. Hemos estado en casa desde el 16 de Marzo y ahora podemos volver poco a poco a la normalidad. Todas las tiendas están abiertas de nuevo y llevo trabajando desde el lunes pero es una sensación diferente el salir fuera a pasear o comprar y no poder tomarte un café en una terraza o quedar con los amigos para una cerveza o cenar. Tendremos que esperar al 15 de Mayo para reencontrarnos de nuevo en una terraza y disfrutar como siempre pero con precaución y cuidado al mismo tiempo. ¿Cómo es la situación en tu país?
Como comenté en mi último post sobre mi nuevo bolso de Shein, he pedido también varios vestidos a la web de Shein que ya me han llegado como este Vestido verde primaveral. El color es perfecto para esta estación y amo el escote cuadrado con mangas voluminosas. 
Su precio es de 24€, increíble! Puedes encontrarlo en este link o con el Search ID: 946196 y usando el código “19q3withc15” obtendrás un 15% de descuento.
Cientos y cientos de besos,
E. 💕

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  1. Love this green dress from SHEIN so adorable glad your lockdown has ended here in Australia we are still in partial lockdown Take away food only but some shops are opening yay Have a lovely week darling xoxo Cris

    1. Thank u so much! We have to wait till next Friday to go to a terrace for a beer but we are doing it well.

  2. Super pretty dress!
    In my city everything is still closed. We can only go out for a walk.


    1. Thank u! I hope that step by step everything is going to be better in your place.

  3. Things are crazy in the U.S. there are people in some areas protesting because they do not want to wear masks the say the virus is fake. But cases in here are almost 80k deaths. Not sure the NY area will be fully open at all....not sure what to expect this summer.

    But yes that is a great dress!! I had a Shein dress on today for a bit!

    Allie of

  4. That dress look amazing. I really like it. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. I need this dress!! :D It looks great on you :)

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  6. Oooh! I love the color and the pattern of your green dress! It is great that you have ended isolation. Hopefully things will continue to improve from your end. I think we will still be in lockdown in LA until August? Who knows @__@. Stay safe!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  7. Pretty nice dress! We are also starting to ease the lockdown, the kids will go back to school full time next week. I'm still working from home which is ok for me for now.



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