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    Happy day Lovely People,
   This week I bring you two posts, and I can swear you that I am as busy as always or maybe more hehe but sometimes, I find writing like a disconnect method and the best place to do it is on my blog. I have a huge “To Do List” to make real before my holidays (I will leave Spain in two weeks and I am going to Italy as I told you on my last post) but I always postpone them all to spend more time with my Instagram and Blog. These moments make me feel more creative and forget daily issues that make me saturate. I am very demanding with myself and I am always want more and more quality on everything I do.
   The main topic of this post isn’t my creative reflections, I am going to talk about Trends! Lately, looking at sales (or future sales to make wishlists) I realize it is a common element on stores to have a Vintage Collection and it doesn’t matter what kind of clothes of style they sell. I found dots prints in every single color and size that reminds me THE beautiful brown polka dot dress from Pretty Women movie (yes, 28 years ago) and I also can find a vintage bomber that can be the perfect style for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (also 28 years after it began)
   Talking about Vintage is talking about Revival for me. I don’t know if this word is common in English but my Architecture History teacher, from college, used it so much. I remember how he explained us all these “Revivals” in buildings and all these “Neo-“ to make us understand that almost everything was created before. Nothing is new, everything is just a reinvention of itself, and I think it happens also in Fashion Industry.
   Talking about Vintage is talking about 90’s Supermodels for me too. Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell wearing slip dresses. I have to confess I have just bought my 2018 slip dress version in a soft-nude pink color. It is going to be perfect for my summer tanned skin and you will see a lot of pics wearing it on my holidays. You can imagine Supermodels wearing jeans and white T-shirts but I think this trend can’t be a revival because it was always in our wardrobes.  All this movement doesn’t change if we focus on accessories. One of my favorite belts, I showed you on my Instagram, belongs to my mum and it can be… 30 years old! About shoes, our lifes are full of white sneakers and I am so happy about it (and my no-aching feet).
   Talking about Vintage is talking about Portobello Road for me too. I love London and I love its beautiful street with amazing vintage stores in the heart of Notting Hill. I take this moment to say that I know I promised a second post about London: “Travel with E.: London Travel Guide. What to visit (II) (Guía de Londres II)” I hope to have more time thanks to Summer long days.
   Are you wearing vintage clothes? What is your favorite piece? What is your favorite place to buy it?
   Lots and lots of kisses,
      E. 💕

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  1. Love love love your outfit! And yesss, girl. Bring the 90s back!

    cabin twenty-four

  2. I sometimes find myself postponing things on my to-do list to work on my blog or Instagram too. I hope you managed to finish everything you had to do before your trip. And you are so right that vintage style is very much in now! I love how you describe it as revival because it's so true that almost everything was created before. I love the vintage inspired outfit you're wearing! x

    x Kara |


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